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Why Collect Meteorites?

Collecting, that gathering together of things, whether systematically approached as part of a well thought out plan, or the result of random chance, reveals the inner workings of an individual’s interest. Collecting seems to be deeply rooted in the human condition. Our ancestors occupied a world in which both animate and inanimate objects called out to them: “Take me, I am powerful.”

Meteorites have been collected by man for thousands of years. They have been revered and worshipped. While the collection of stones from the stars can be traced back to man’s earliest recorded history, it wasn’t until the 19th century that systematic amassing of meteorites by collectors, museums and educational institutions began in earnest.

Today, the passion for these messengers from space continues. Collectors are intrigued by the mystery of reaching out to the unknown, the excitement of holding a piece of another world and the untold secrets of the universe they contain. For the future will unveil an unimaginable wealth of knowledge within these universal visitors.

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