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Geographic Location Benchmarks

Geographic Location Benchmarks
I’ve been there!

Unique gifts commemorating the world's greatest places!

How many times have you visited a famous place and wished there was a way to show you were there? Well, now there is. These beautiful pewter site markers, known as benchmarks, are a way to commemorate your visit to these amazing landmarks. We’ve fashioned these pure pewter marks after actual elevation benchmarks at many of America’s and the world’s most famous locations.

Whether you are a climber, hiker, geography buff, or armchair traveler, you will love to collect or give these unique site marker gifts that celebrate the spirit of exploration, athletic challenge, and personal achievement.

Why not start your collection with the Meteor Crater benchmark? The world’s most famous and incredibly preserved meteorite impact crater! There really is no better way to say, “I’ve been there and here’s the proof!” A lasting memory of a landmark visit!

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